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Tucker for Target Might Be Losing The Battle of the Collabs

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The biggest problem with Tucker for Target is that it's going up against Alexa Chung for Madewell. Both collaborations project a sweet, vintage-esque Manic Pixie Dreamgirl vibe. They both even feature semi-sheer tops that you could throw on over a black bra for that "I am so busy thinking about ways to be adorably wacky that I have no time to consider whether my underwear is showing" look that's so hot right now. But Madewell simply uses better quality fabric than Target, so while Alexa Chung's collection might be more expensive, it also feels much better to the touch.

That said, the Atlantic Terminal Target was still a total shitshow when we dropped by for the launch yesterday. The Tucker collection is parked at the very front of womenswear, and it was swarming with grabby shoppers. If you took your eye off your selections for a minute, they'd disappear.

Oddly, most of the more wintry items weren't in stock. We though the herringbone wrap coat would go fast, but a Target staffer told us they'd never even ordered it. The merchandise that was there mostly consisted of dresses and shirts, all of them in signature Tucker prints and cuts (strappy for camisoles, loose for long-sleeved hippie tops—see the full Tucker for Target lookbook above for details.) Small sizes were disappearing fast and the wait for the dressing room looked to be about half an hour, which feels a lot longer when you're standing in a mall that smells like Chuck E. Cheese. Bottom line: If you love something, order it online, where nothing seems in danger of selling out quite yet despite the Gilt frenzy earlier this month.
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