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Mercer Street Block Party Had Burgers, Cocktails and a Mystery Celeb

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3.1 Philllip Lim and Rag & Bone banded together last night to throw a block party on Mercer Street compete with food trucks, gin cocktails and separate entertainment enticements to get people in the mood. Kind of like when you have a joint party with the apartment across the hall, most people always end up in one apartment versus the other, and last night that honor went to Rag & Bone.

On the street at the start of the night, there were tons of people hanging out and lining up for BLT burgers and not lining up for Van Leeuwen ice cream. Apparently, there was some ticket system for free food, but we couldn't quite figure out where the tickets came from. Otherwise, they were actually charging for food.

We stopped into 3.1 Phillip Lim first and found lots of pretty people posing and drinking. There were one-of-each items lining the store on racks and the main floor and back were clear of stock, but no one was shopping anyway. People were gearing up for the indie band My Gold Mask to go on and just chatting with their friends.

Over at Rag & Bone, it was a different story. The store is small to begin with, but with everyone crushing in at the rear of the shop, it was near suffocating. The line for drinks went almost to the door. There was a photo shoot area set up in the back, but no one really knew what it was for until one group of giggly girls went to have their photo taken and then another line started up again.

The Revlon people were setting up in the back, too, for a make-up opportunity with Gucci Westman (who incidentally is also married to Rag & Bone designer David Neville). Thing is, in order to be eligible for the makeover, you had to actually purchase something and we didn't see anyone even looking at the clothes. Then word came that the mystery Revlon Global Brand Ambassador would be Halle Berry. You'd think people would start going crazy, but the too-cool-for-school crowd barely batted an eyelash, save the aggressive press people who barreled their way in.

When we dropped by later in the evening, the line outside the store had decreased, but the block party was still going strong on Mercer Street. Phillip Lim was outside mingling and chatting with guests and was even nice enough to pose for us.
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