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Son of a Beatle Trumped by ASOS and Teen Vogue's Klutzy Models

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Last night, the West Village and MePa had the feel of a fashionable Mardi Gras or a grown up trick-or-treating session. Whether we were getting a free Marc Jacobs "BANG" T-shirt featuring an almost naked photo of the designer, watching Sean Lennon DJ Rolling Stones songs in the Maybelline tent, chatting with Kelly Cutrone while eating Tory Burch's free Shake Shack burgers on Little West 12th Street, or trying (unsuccessfully) to crash the neighborhood's longest line—to meet the Olsen Twins at the Elizabeth and James pop up—it was all a blast.

Yet surprisingly, despite all the grown up festivities, our favorite event of the evening was the ASOS and Teen Vogue block party on Perry Street. It had good music, tons of free swag and an unintentionally hilarious fashion show.

Setting up shop on Perry beween Bleecker and West Fourth (also known as the "Carrie Bradshaw's brownstone block"), the ASOS/Teen Vogue party offered all kinds of treats and entertainment geared towards fashionable teen girls—but enjoyed primarily by plenty of older members of both genders. As we entered the block, cute girls in ASOS T-shirts offered us white-chocolate–covered brownie lollipops brought over from England. Then Fiji waters, then bags of Terra veggie chips, then Arizona Ice Teas—all free.

If you were more interested in non-edible swag, the makeup site Mark was doing makeovers and giving out free Lipclick lipstick samples. There was also a crafts booth where you could decorate free tote bags and T-shirts guided by P.S.- I Made This... author Erica Domesek.

Along with the food and swag came the entertainment. There was a DJ playing Billy Idol, The Smiths and La Roux. 90210 actress Shenae Grimes briefly posed for photos with fans. Singer VV Brown performed to a semi-interested crowd with her band.

And of course there was the fashion show, with young male and female models attired in ASOS's teen-geared clothing parading back and forth on a makeshift runway. While the designs weren't terribly memorable, the models were. Many were considerably shorter than the norm. Quite a few didn't bother keeping the typical stoic model face—some were smiling, a few were waving their arms in the air to the music while they strutted, a couple high-fived each other as they passed on the runway, and one waved to her mom in the crowd. Two of the girls had trouble walking in their high heels on the runway's ragged surface, and ended up tripping, but not actually falling. What more could you ask for from a fashion show?
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