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The Line to Buy $25 Nail Polish at Chanel Soho Was Never-Ending

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Anyone who doesn't believe that Fashion's Night Out generated actual store sales didn't go into Chanel SoHo last night, because those registers didn't stop ringing all evening. We witnessed this at other stores too, but Chanel's FNO was so successful in particular because they made an extremely covetable, low-priced limited-edition item available only here: their Les Khakis de Chanel nail polish.

At $25 a bottle, it's nothing to sniff at, but compared to triple-digit (or more) prices of limited-edition merch being advertised elsewhere during FNO, it's no surprise that the neverending line to get in was both diverse and ready to lay down some dollars. Once inside, shoppers either immediately got in the line to buy the polish or stalked out an available manicurist for the free mini-manis.

By the end of the evening, the special colors were sold out. We'd call an evening of ringing up $75 purchase after $75 purchase as fast as you can a success, wouldn't you?
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