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At Louis Vuitton, Men Spent the Evening Licking LV Bags

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When Louis Vuitton didn't have an entry on the official Fashion's Night Out events list, we wondered if they'd be participating at all. Well, after seeing what they mounted for the public's entertainment last night, we regret doubting them.

Once you got from line outside to the 3-story interior of the flagship store on the corner of 5th Avenue and 59th Street, it was a dance-fest. LV had hired some very good looking men to don LV-logoed aprons and crisp white shirts for the evening, for the sole purpose of vogue-ing and dancing in the midst of the crowd.

Perhaps the better entertainment was to be found outside in the windows, however, as even more apron-wearing men expressed their love for Vuitton bags in creative ways, including furiously licking them. We hope this model got to at least keep that bag at the end of the night. Cooties!
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