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Food Was the Focus at Vogue's Andaz Party

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The scene was more foodie than fashiony as a crowd packed the Andaz 5th Avenue last night and a line wrapped around the block to attend a bourbon and food pairing from Momofuku's David Chang and Vogue critic Jeffrey Steingarten. In a huge center stage area, chefs prepared ribs and pork buns. Spoons of buttermilk fluke were tucked into one corner, another station served up cups of heirloom tomatoes, while another forks with kimchi apples. One large table outfitted with a meat slicer served up piles of wonderfully salty specialty ham topped with red eye gravy. Meanwhile mad scientist Dave Arnold (he of the French Culinary Institute) served up a cocktail called The September Issue while other tables served up artisan whiskys and bourbons. At 8:30, Chang and Steingaren demoed how to make 'fluffy eggs' (on the menu at Momofuku Ko) for the crowd.

Roll Call: Steingarten, Chang, Aziz Ansari, Adam Platt, Drew Nieporent, Dana Cowin, Peter Meehan, Gail Simmons, and crowds of other food personalities and hangers on.—Amanda Kludt
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