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Oddities on Every Floor at Barneys for FNO

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Barneys, much like Bergdorf Goodman, served as an unofficial epicenter of activity for Fashion's Night Out, but unlike at BG where the focus was on selling product, the aim of Barneys seemed to be pure entertainment.

Jonathan Adler throwing pots (like, on a pottery wheel) up in the Chelsea Passage, Robert Geller's ping pong tournament and the musical chairs-a-thon were all bright spots, but if you even tried to get on the same floor as the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen karaoke contest, you ran into a wall of people that ended at the base of the escalators. And that was two hours before the twins even arrived.

That seemed to be the mantra of the evening: arrive early and stay the whole time if you want anything good...and this is probably the best advice for heading to the main event spots next year (assuming there is an FNO next year). We missed Daphne Guinness and a slew of other special guest cameos simply because we didn't hang out at the store from 6pm straight through.

As for guest-tweeter Tavi, we said neither hide nor hair of her during the whole two hours we spent traversing the store. She was there somewhere, but then so were tons of other little girls.
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