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Chanel's Manicure Line: Upper West Siders' Century 21 Concerns

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SOHO—Behold the line for khaki manicures at Chanel as of 5pm. It's going to be a crazy night, folks. [RackedWire]

UPPER WEST SIDE—The news that Barnes & Noble is shuttering and Century 21 taking its place seems highly symbolic to some Upper West Siders, who worry that their ares is losing its reputation as a home to artists and intellectuals. In a this WSJ article, locals bemoan the loss of little neighborhood institutions and the rise of big box stores. Of course, this isn't the Strand we're talking about here—Barnes & Noble is a big box itself. But we do feel for the local Ann Taylor Loft manager who tells the paper, "I think the opening of a new mega-retail outlet is going to be very challenging for us." [WSJ]

Century 21 - Lower Manhattan

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