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Alexa Chung's Biggest Fans Are Already Waiting Outside Madewell

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Alexa Chung's collection goes on sale at the Madewell in Soho at 8pm, but when we stopped by for a sneak peek this afternoon, there were already fans camped out on the sidewalk. The store had provided bean bag chairs for the earliest arrivals, who'd gotten there around 3pm and seemed in high spirits despite the wait.

Madewell has devoted the back room on the top floor to the collection, but Alexa Chung's influence can be felt around the store, most notably in the form of papier-mâché animals based on her drawings. (The same bat and bear appear on t-shirts in the collection.) Up close, the tasseled clogs, velvet shorts, and vintage-y blouses look just as laid-back and easy to wear as they do in photos. What's probably not going to be laid-back, though: Getting your hands on the most popular pieces. We're not suggesting you camp out, but definitely don't get there late if you're looking for something in particular.
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