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The Fashion Week Tents Are Up in Damrosch Park

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The main entrance to the tents

Fashion Week is just a day and a week away and Lincoln Center is buzzing. Cranes are loading in cargo and construction workers in technicolor vests are pounding away. We even encountered two police cruisers and about ten uniformed officers breaking up a disturbance. We were hoping for some sort of fashion-related skirmish (like models in fisticuffs), but it was just two delivery truck drivers in a post-fender bender scuffle. Oh well.

But our excitement rose again when we saw that the tents are up in Damrosch Park. We ran into our worker friend from our first visit and he confirmed that all the structures are up, so now it's the inside construction that's taking place. They will be working around the clock in three shifts up until the big opening day. Also, the scaffolding above what will be the main entrance is the skeleton structure for the official Fashion Week banner. Since our new friend is a seasoned Fashion Week veteran, we asked him what he thought of the new location. He said that the set-up is easier since Damrosch Park is larger than Bryant Park, but was still wistful for the convenience and ambiance of the old location.

Mr. Fashion Week Veteran also expressed concern for the harried models who will have to commute from downtown shows up to Lincoln Center, thereby causing shows to start even later than they usually do: "How will they get here? Town car? Subway? What's faster, I don't know?" That's a good point. Maybe they should be passing out free MetroCards backstage at the shows this time around.
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Damrosch Park

Columbus Avenue and West 62nd Street, New York NY