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Warren Edwards's Psychedelic Sale Flyer; Century 21 UWS Confirmed

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UPPER EAST SIDE—Today in Contests We Didn't Realize Existed Until We Found the Winner: 60th Street shoe shop Warren Edwards deserves some kind of prize for the best sale flyer of the summer. It's not just the leopard-lined moccasin floating above a placid sea. It's not just the two small dogs wearing sailor accessories and walking on water. It's not even the cork boats in the background. No, what kills us here is fact that the giant shoe has a reflection—because without it, the image just wouldn't be very realistic. Stop by the store, at 60th and Park, for 60% off summer shoes. [Official Site; Dealfeed]

UPPER WEST SIDE—The Real Deal reports that Century 21 has officially signed a lease for 66th Street space Barnes & Noble plans to vacate this coming January. Explains the paper, "The move sets the stage for a discount retailer showdown on the Upper West Side, with Loehmann's—already rumored to be in dire financial straights—vying to retain its customers at 73rd and Broadway and T.J. Maxx, which recently inked a deal for a new store at 250 West 57th Street, and now, Century 21, threatening to lure them further downtown." [TRD]

Century 21 - Lower Manhattan

22 Cortlandt Street, New York, NY 10007 Visit Website

Warren Edwards

107 E. 60th Street, New York NY