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Olive & Bette's Moving Sale For The Very Patient Only

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This morning, Olive and Bette's Bleecker Street moving sale looked like the immediate aftermath of a grenade going off under a massive pile of James Perse long-sleeve tees and random designer jeans. This craziness of a mess really tested the resolve of our sample-sale–honed nerves, but instead of running screaming from the shop, we strode into the eye of the storm just for you, readers.

Olive & Bette's is trying purge the contents of this location before its move to the Upper East Side, so everything is either 50% or 75% off. However, not all piles, boxes and racks are marked and not all staffers know what's what—only the head lady staffer behind the register is all-knowing.

In the randomness, we unearthed items from unknown seasons past: Julie Brown striped sequin tanks for $24.50 (originally $98), a couple girly Rebecca Taylor "Dine Around" dresses for $95.50 (originally $382), blue tie-dyed silk Joie tanks for $95.50 (originally $191), mauve Alpine Stars motocross leather jackets for $268 (originally $536 and only mediums and larges available), Sanctuary cargos for $38.50 (originally $155), and Twisted Hearts linen cargos for $43 (originally $172). The sizes are just as random as the items, but we did see a lot of mediums and larges.

Cash and credit are accepted and there is a fitting area available. Just to give an example of the time investment and commitment required for this sale: At approximately 10:19am, we witnessed a shopper bring her hard-won booty up to the register and the impressed head lady staffer couldn't help but ask, "How long have you been here?" The shopper started around 8:30am! Unless you have tons of patience and an eagle eye, you may want to think twice about this one.
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Olive & Bette's

384 Bleecker Street, New York, NY