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Models, Beware: Christian Siriano Is Not Hiring on Craigslist

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Since February, someone pretending to represent Christian Siriano has been posting ads for models on Craigslist. Earlier posts claimed Siriano was looking for models for a catalog shoot; more recent ones asked for beautiful men and women to send in an application fee if they were interested in posing for the Project Runway winner. But of course there's no such catalog, and Siriano doesn't design for men.

Craigslist makes it easy to exploit people's dreams, but Siriano is fighting back. A rep told Fashionista that his team became aware of the scams after suspicious would-be models started calling the company, asking whether the casting call was for real. They contacted Craigslist and "the authorities" (we're guessing that means the cops, though we sort of love the idea of a CFDA SWAT team), and they've issued a statement urging models to avoid Craigslist for appointments. After all, that's what modeling agencies are for.
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