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Scenes from the Alexander Wang Sale: Shoes and Handbags Are Dunzo

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So the Alexander Wang sale in Soho has lived up to expectations in terms of line insanity, but how are the finds inside? Exhausted-looking shoppers exiting the sale have mixed reviews. One woman told us, "It's a nightmare but it's worth it," while others complained of damaged goods and few quality items.

As of 4pm, there are no shoes or handbags left, but there are plenty of cheap samples and T by Alexander Wang goods. One shopper proudly displayed her $25 satin jacket marked down from $3900, so there are deals amidst the chaos—you just have to be prepared to dig and maybe use those elbows.

Sale staffers have been re-stocking every other hour, but when the register is this congested, the sale could stay depleted for a while. And some women complained that as soon as new garments are brought out, furious shoppers pounce on them immediately. If you plan on going to the sale today, get your game face and sneakers on. This is for serious shoppers only.—Rachel Traub
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