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Target Plans Insane Light Show in the Standard Hotel's Windows

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Plenty of naked guests have already proven that the Standard Hotel is a good place to put on a show, but Target is taking the exhibitionism a step further with its Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular later this month. To celebrate the launch of its fall collection, the megastore plans to put 66 dancers in 155 rooms on the Southern side of the hotel, where they'll perform live routines under a psychedelic light display for an audience watching from below. The dancers will be clad in Target's fall line, but since it's hard to get a really detailed look at anyone strutting in the Standard's windows (uh, or so we're told), 25 more models will showcase the top looks on a stage in front of the building.

Spots around the neighborhood plan to hold viewing parties, but if you're stuck at home, you can also watch the festivities live on Target's Facebook page. It all goes down August 18th at 9pm.
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The Standard Hotel

848 Washington Street, New York, NY