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Custo Barcelona UWS: Ads are Down, Status Still a Mystery

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The Custo Barcelona UWS building—naked and exposed

This Custo Barcelona Upper West Side has been a five-year long will-they-or-won't-they open mystery and it's still going. Back in January, we discovered that in 2005 the Spanish retailer purchased the entire building on the corner of Columbus Avenue and 71st Street—the ground floor, plus all nine residential units. Along with playing landlord, Custo had been using the empty storefront as advertising space for its own brand. But recent walks past the former home of Penang restaurant have revealed a stripped-down storefront void of any bold Custo Barcelona ads. As expected, the somewhat depressing looking, brown paper-lined façade hasn't been touched since 2007; even the old Penang moving signs are still taped on the windows.

In-your-face Custo advertising, back in January 2010

A call to the public relations rep for Custo confirms that the retailer still does in fact own the building, but yielded no official confirmation on the store actually opening or another retailer taking the space. With Fashion Week imminent, plus with Custo Barcelona showing just blocks down the street at Lincoln Center on September 12, wouldn't this be a fantastic opportunity for some self-promotion? With news of the Barnes & Noble closing and Rag & Bone opening, retail is constantly changing on the UWS, but apparently some things just stay the same—for five years and counting.
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Rag & Bone

160 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 718-522-6758 Visit Website

Custo Barcelona UWS

240 Columbus Avenue, New York NY