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What the Heck are "Treggings"?

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Like some sort of deadly and very infectious virus, the fashion trend of "jeggings" (jean leggings) first hit the news many months ago, then claimed everyone from celebs to teenagers. Now it has morphed into something even more confusing and frightening: "Treggings."

We walked by the above H&M ad on 2nd Avenue around East 64th Street this weekend, and immediately did a double-take. Believe it or not, H&M did not make up the portmanteau; a quick Google search reveals that blogger Susie Bubble has been talking about Treggings since 2007.

So what are they, exactly? No, not "tragic leggings," but "trouser leggings." Made of stretchy, but very opaque fabric to resemble wool, corduroy, leather or riding pants as shown in the H&M ad above, treggings are meant to be worn like actual pants, without bum covering such as regular leggings require.

As noble an ambition as that seems, we can't ignore the fact that "jeggings," with the creation of "treggings," may be around for quite some time to come. We can almost hear the whizz of Forever 21's factories running out a fresh batch now.
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