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Loren Brings The Blues To Greenpoint

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Femia, 7/29/10

Loren Cronk, a jean designer who has worked with Levi Strauss and Ralph Lauren and has started three lines of his own, is opening a boutique in Greenpoint off the Nassau Avenue G stop, the first of the neighborhood's kind. Set to officially open doors on August 8, the denim shop held a soft launch store opening last Thursday, letting locals in on the racks upon racks of jeans hanging from the walls.

Featuring jeans and shorts with price points across the board, Loren offers options ranging from more affordable pairs starting at $60 to custom-made denim, which has the designer spending up to 8 hours producing, sanding, deconstructing or bleaching the jeans, for $1200.

The pricey pairs are available in a range of sizes for men, but Loren's custom womens jeans are oddly only offered in an sizes between 0-4. But if you're on the smaller end and want to invest in your bottom half, go right ahead. Just be careful of the boutique's dangerously close location to Van Leewen's creamy ice cream goodness. Jean shopping before ice cream, jean shopping before ice cream...—Carlye Wisel
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82 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn, New York