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Outside Macy's Right Now: Nearly 100 Wannabe Madonnas

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This morning at 10am, Madonna's Material Girl line launches at Macy's. To celebrate, the store is giving a free bandeau top and a $10 gift card to the first 200 customers—and a t-shirt signed by Madonna herself to anyone who comes dressed like her. Follow fearless Racked reporter Fawnia Soo Hoo below as she puts on her lace gloves and wades into the fray.

9:45am I'm in line right now! There are maybe 95 people here, and I'm probably number 80.

9:51am: Everyone's lined up on a fuzzy red carpet (actually hot pink) waiting for the 10am opening. Sadly, there aren't really any girls dressed in blatant Madonna outfits, but there are a couple in what I'd call "what a 20-year-old thinks is '80s because it was in Hot Tub Time Machine" outfits.

The line circa 9:52am

9:52am: There are three models dressed like Madonna circa Desperately Seeking Susan standing outside the door. Multiple camera crews are interviewing excited line-waiters. The crowd is a mix of young-ish girls and parent/kid combos. I'm sandwiched between two moms who are supposedly here for their daughters, but I think that's a beard.

9:54am: The Material Girls just came through blaring "Material Girl" from a toy boom box. Some guy walking by asked "Is this Madonna or her daughter?" No one bothered to explain the actual situation to him.

Two Material Girls with a fan

9:57am: The line is around the corner onto 35th Street now. I saw one more Madonna, but she looked more like Kelly Osbourne. The lady behind me was expecting more people; I was hoping for a Madonna retrospective told through costumes.

9:58am: Ooh! The Material Girls just walked by with pink frosted cupcakes. Wonder if they're for us.

9:59am: They're handing out cupcakes now! How cute: There's pink frosting on top with white lettering spelling out "Material Girl." They've got red velvet and vanilla. Nice.

A Material cupcake

10:00am: OK, they're letting us in. We're heading up the escalators to four.

10:01am: OMG. One of the Material Girls is directing people and an older tourist lady asked her what was going on. She explained it's the Madonna line and the lady goes "Are you Madonna?"

10:05am: They just cut the ribbon! And now it's mayhem. I'll be back later with a full report.


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