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Eighties Nostalgia and Retail Mayhem at Material Girl for Macy's

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What Madonna and Material Girl fans were lacking in referential costumed spirit in line, they more than made up for in retail verve once inside Macy's. On the fourth floor once the official launch ceremony ribbon was snipped, it was like the running of the bulls, except here we had parents chasing after their tween-age daughters, fast-fashion crazed young professional women hunting for bargains and the media and industry people trailing behind. We heard countless "OMG, mom, this is so cute" and even one grown woman was screaming "I LOVE IIIIT" over and over again.

In the lead up to the launch of Material Girl, it was emphasized that the styles were not a retrospective of Madonna's groundbreaking iconic looks, but we beg to differ. Madonna first danced her way into our hearts with "Holiday" and "Borderline," so of course the floor is dotted with pieces like skinny lace dresses ($28), black sleeveless spandex frocks with tulle skirts ($28), midriff-baring muscle tees with lace ribbon overlays ($19) and cropped lace leggings ($18). The $28 one ruffle-tiered dresses, either strapless (in floral or heart pattern) or cap sleeve in a racier zebra print with wide elastic belted waists were right out of the "Who's That Girl"/"True Blue" period. There were also tight strapless spandex corset dresses in black or grey—hello "Express Yourself"/"Papa Don't Preach"—and a smattering of "Music"-era plaid, like a short sleeve purple and brown with gold flecked button down ($24). Pantsless-ness, a favored look of celebrity rep Taylor Momsen, is also on display with sequined tap shorts in black or bright purple ($18). We paused for a moment to think (it couldn't be a Lady Gaga shout-out), then we remembered the purple leotard from the "Hung Up" video—no pants! That Madonna, always on the forefront.

There is also a Limited Edition ("Handpicked by the Material Girl") series with pieces that a non-tween could wear out and priced a little higher. We liked the round-studded minis in black or white ($68), the looks-more-expensive-than-it-is white scoop neck sweatshirts with green sequin embellishment ($38) and the black vest with silver stud and chain detail (which sort of reminded us of a vest we picked up at a Phi sample sale) for $58. Sorry, we're out of musical references for those. There is also an accessories section featuring pretty cute $26 pouches in either pleather or canvas (we liked the sequined camouflage zip pouch with ball chain strap) and also $36 tie dyed canvas hobos in blue or black denim.

Harried parents and budget minded shoppers will appreciate that the mannequins are all dressed in outfits averaging around $60 and the price breakdown is on display. The line is targeted for tweens, but there were pieces that if mixed into your grown up wardrobe could totally work. Honestly, it's all in good fun, too. On our way out, we did spot two extremely inspired and authentic Madonna-outfitted shoppers. They kind of overshot the target market for the Material Girl line (if you know what we mean), but we loved to see some Madonna fans finally represent.
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