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Free Levi's at Bryant Park Results in Shitshow, Library Attendance

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People started lining up for free Levi's Curve ID jeans in Bryant Park hours ago, so by the time the event opened at 10am, it was utter chaos. To get a free pair, you just need to hand over something that "doesn't fit into your life anymore" (get it, because the jeans are supposed to fit really well?) for donation to Goodwill. So here's the good news: Goodwill is in for a bounty. The bad news, of course, is that Levi's only has 1000 pairs to give away, and the Twitter response suggests that they'll run out any minute now if they haven't already. At 9:45am, Levi's official Twitterer @TheLevisGirl announced that they were at capacity. And about twelve minutes ago, a semi-anonymous denim fan registered the complaint above.

· @TheLevisGirl [Twitter]
· @AutomatedLove [Twitter]

Bryant Park

Sixth Avenue and 42nd Street, New York, NY