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Ten Shops that We'd Like to See Open in Manhattan

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Inspired by our friends at Eater, we at Racked decided to put together our own little listicle of the chain stores, chainlets and brands we'd really like to see enter Manhattan's legendary shopping scene. Not an entirely simple task: New York is already possibly the best shopping city on earth. Who isn't already here? What can't you buy?

There isn't a Marshall's—but it's opening soon. There's no Kohl's, but they're looking (that said, we'd prefer they didn't). We've got our Target, our Topshop, our Nordstrom Rack, our JCPenney. We've even got probably-unnecessary fast fashion from Spain and Korea and France and god knows where else. So it was a challenge, but we managed to put together a list of Manhattan's ten gaping retail voids (and where we'd like them to set up shop).

10. Ulta: Ulta is sort of like what would happen if Sephora and Duane Reade (specifically the toiletries and personal care products) got together and had a kid. Enough said. See you in Union Square. [Photo]

9. Nordstrom: Dear Nordstom: The Union Square Rack is terrible. All your real stores are awesome. From low-high to very-high, you got everyone else covered. We know you're looking for locations—we wouldn't want New Yorkers to think that Rack represents Nordstrom either. So good luck, keep on plugging (how about downtown? Bloomies could use a little competition), and keep us posted. Love, Racked [Photo]
8. Hot Topic: Rumor has it Hot Topic won't open in the City because they don't want to put the mom-and-pop goth shops out of business. But we want Morrissey tee shirts and checkerboard everything! How about Manhattan Mall? It's far enough from the East Village and, well, it's a mall (Hot Topic's natural environment). While you're at it, pop a Torrid in there, too. [Photo]
7. Primark: A UK fast-fashion department store where one can purchase largely-on-trend apparel for next to nothing. The quality is better than Target and H&M and the prices are nuts (like shoes and dresses and sweaters for under $8). So, Primark, cross the pond: Herald Square is waiting. And, hell, if Primark isn't realistic, we'll take Wal-mart's prices. [Photo]
6. Wasteland: New York has no shortage of high-end vintage and designer resale emporiums. But California's Wasteland is extra special, a separate beast. And we want one. After all, there is no lack of celebrities to style and stylists to style them on this coast. Godspeed, Wasteland! Try bringing vintage to MePa, or join the rest on the southeast side. [Photo]
5. L.L.Bean: Granted, L.L.Bean probably wouldn't sell many tents and boats and bikes in the City. But how wouldn't they do swift business as far as all those khakis, oxford shirts, and duck boots are concerned? It's the age of rustic American fashion. Fashionheads are clamoring for J.Crew. J.Crew! Hey, if nothing else, what about a mini-West Village storefront for the Signature collection and custom tote bags? [Photo]
4. Roots: Once upon a time Roots had a shop straddling Soho and Nolita. Well, we want Canada's answer to the Gap and their respectable leather goods back. Why not follow the Americana train of faux-rugged, pseudo-outdoorsiness west to the Village where Freeman's, Odin, Gant and Ralph Lauren (and L.L.Bean!) await? [Photo]
3. Vivienne Westwood: Los Angeles is seriously getting a Westwood and we're not? That's offensive. Pull it together, Vivienne. (It's worth noting that a Vivienne Westwood closed in SoHo several years ago—this time around, how about MePa?) [Photo]
2. Neiman Marcus: What do we think about Neiman's? See Nordstrom, minus the Rack. [Photo]
1. PacSun: Is it PacSun or is it Pacific Sunwear? Meh, who cares? What we do know is that since the Gap started sucking, PacSun is the best mall store. Think stripey unbranded basics, serviceable jeans, great sneakers, and private label stuff that gets marked down to $7. SoHo on Broadway works—all your fans are already down there shopping Roxy and WeSC and all the others. [Photo]

We're sure some of you will disagree—so won't you please do so in our comments section?

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