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Get Your Money Back from Barneys by Working for Brooklyn

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If Barneys is already getting much of your money, we say why not get some back? In the form of a paycheck, of course. The Barneys Co-op in Brooklyn is hiring, and they still need some BK-savvy sales associates and a store manager before their projected opening in October.

Unlike many stores these days who prefer to take the less formal route (read: Craigslist), Barneys Co-op does it old-school with job postings on Check out the sales associates listing here and the store manager position here.

It's not often that this sort of upscale retail career opportunity opens up around the corner from you may live and we know that people do have their dreams to work for Barneys. And just as we hope that our lovely Racked readers score some awesome jobs, we've also got our fingers crossed for the Brooklyn Co-op having the loyalty card program like we found at the Co-op in Philadelphia.
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Barneys Co-op - Brooklyn

194 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Visit Website

Barneys Co-Op Brooklyn

194 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY