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Free Fekkai at Saks Inspires Midtown Frenzy

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This morning marked the kick-off of the Fekkai Style Trial, a one-day giveaway of free, full-sized Fekkai hair products at Saks Fifth Avenue stores across the country. And, just as expected, New York's outpost was teeming with people desperate to get their hands on the free hair care goods.

Ten minutes before Saks's 10am opening, a line already began snaking around the front of the store. When the doors opened, everyone scurried through the beauty department looking for the free Fekkai, slowly abandoning all niceties of keeping the original order from outside.

Turns out, the real line was along the south side of the store, where ladies were already queued up halfway down 49th Street. With a flurry of women hurriedly shuffling down the street, white registration papers in hand, it was manic scene, and from the looks on their faces, terribly confusing for passersby.

All in all, the actual wait for freebies wasn't that long—twenty minutes, tops. Once inside, we handed over the sheet, got our product, and after enduring a tired attempt to upsell us on other Fekkai items (we thought it was obvious that we weren't standing in two different lines just to buy shampoo), we were set free to roam through Saks, or scurry out the doors on the other side.

If you're hoping to snag one of the four products, go sooner rather than later—the ladies were rabid, and if it stays as busy as it was this morning, they'll probably run out before this afternoon. We're not positive, but if we had to guess, hurry. Your hair will thank you.
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