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$30 Dresses and $20 Tops at the Yumi Kim Blow-Out Sale

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We're still coming off the rush of the blow-out Yumi Kim sale that started at noon. By blow-out, we mean all tops (and a few skirts) are $20 and dresses and rompers are $30 and no, that wasn't a typo. The mostly silk pieces are a mix of spring/summer 2010 and past seasons (some from the last sample sale), but as her fans know, Yumi Kim's lovely vintage-style prints and wearably feminine cuts don't have an expiration date.

Before we go any further, 98% of the items are a size small, but we did unearth a few other sizes in certain styles. All the pieces are mixed in and shoppers were frantically flipping through the racks and digging through bins to add to their growing piles of fitting options. We saw the signature florals and abstract patterns on tops (peasant, one-shoulder, bustier, zip front tanks, etc) and a variety of dress styles (sundresses, wrap front, one-shoulder, peasant and more). We only saw one romper sadly, but are holding out hope that some will appear.

Some highlights to emphasize the need to drop by this two-day sale: There are some one-off, never produced samples in the mix. There are also styles (like a flirty layered mini-skirt and long sleeve, delicately pleated and button-down front mini-dress currently in a navy and rose pattern) that will be on the shelves in the fall, and some styles are currently in the boutique for full price ($100+).

A word of advice, too: If you see something you have even a slight hankering for, take it, hold onto it and think on it because shoppers are pretty grabby (but not in a rude way, just focused). Also, it pays to meticulously look through everything and as we were leaving they were still loading in new racks and bins. There is a designated communal fitting area and one mirror to share. The staffers are super friendly and happy to help. Also, the sale is cash only, so hit the ATM beforehand to avoid the heart-wrenching dilemma of having to choose between two fabulous dresses because you only have $36 in your wallet.
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