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Just when we thought Lady Gaga had worn enough pearls on her face and odd frocks on her body to never shock us again, she surprises us big time. Or, should we say, he. Shot by Nicola Formichetti for Vogue Homme Japan, Jo Calderone—an anagram for Alejandro with an oddly similar profile to the beloved singer—graces the cover, and from photos taken at the shoot back in June, wears a suit quite nicely. Don't spend too long gawking at photos to miss the interview with Jo, where he talks about getting a pep talk from Lady Gaga and taking her out after to do "private" things. Technically, Jo would always be with her if they're the same person, but it's way too early to start theorizing pop stars' inner monologues, so we'll just take his word for it. [Mediacation]