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Target's Poketo Collaboration Crosses the Country

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Let's not talk about why we were way out on Staten Island, but during a visit this week to the solitary Target on SI, we observed that the Poketo for Target collaboration has reached the east coast, when it's really only a big deal for the west.

Poketo, a design firm by Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung of Los Angeles, has been churning out cheapie wallets and accessories for several years now, the X-factor being that their designs are originals from international artists. Now, with Target, they're bringing the bright patterns to a mass audience.

Pricepoints are very low and typically Target. Keychains are $4.99 and cuter laptop bags are $29.99. Looking at some of the more Napoleon Dynamite-ish designs, we can't help but wonder if, were this 15-25 years ago, this collab would be for Trapper Keepers. Racked LA fawned over the stuff, but then they seem to have had a better (and earlier) selection than what we've seen at the NYC-area Targets. You can view the entire collection here on Poketo's website.
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Target SI

2900 Veterans Road West, Staten Island, NY