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Isabel Toledo for Payless Hits Store Shelves Early

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Earlier this month, we had a peek at the wacky Colette-exclusive Isabel Toledo for Payless collection, but now the full range has hit the e-shelves, and it's slowly leaking out to NYC Payless stores ahead of the original September 7 release date.

In true Payless style, none of the shoes are over $60 (even that "belted poodle boot"), and in Toledo's style, a Toreador pump references her Cuban heritage. While we can totally imagine some more frugal fashion plates sporting the whimsical "High Ghillie" heels with a pair of gray knee-high socks, the "Sliver Bootie" and "Front Fold Bootie" fall in more with Payless' generic style.

If you're looking to see them for yourself, it's best to head into a Payless in Manhattan, but don't expect to find the entire collection quite yet. The Payless on 34th Street is a sure bet as we've confirmed that they've got the shoes on their shelves—until tourists wipe them out, that is.
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110 West 34th Street, New York, NY