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Mystery Twitterer Poses as Fashion Week Expert; CVS Self-Service

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Video via fashionweeknyc/Twitcasting

LINCOLN CENTER—Fashionista alerts us to the mystery behind "Independent Fashion Tweetologist" FashionweekNYC, a hugely popular Twitterer whose feed consists of Fashion Week updates mixed with inspirational quotes. FashionweekNYC has no affiliation with IMG or Lincoln Center, but she (he?) has 24,594 followers and gets retweeted by reputable brands. Above, check out her video tour of Lincoln Center, which suggests that whoever she might be, she's not working with the budget of a major company. [Fashionista, @FashionweekNYC]

CARROLL GARDENS—The CVS on Court Street recently installed self-service checkout counters. Good idea or bad idea? Pardon Me for Asking is dubious: "Granted, the cashiers were nothing to write home about, but all too often, those self-service check-outs are out of service. Besides, the savings in wages did not translate into cheaper prices for customers." [PMFA]

Lincoln Center

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