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Fashion Week at Damrosch Park Shows Signs of Life

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The countdown to Fashion Week's Lincoln Center debut has begun and the biggest harbinger has appeared: The tents are starting to go up in Damrosch Park. There's no rest for the weary as even on a rainy, windy Monday, a hand full of workers were at work laying the groundwork for the event. As of this afternoon, the tents weren't up yet, but Damrosch Park is blocked off and construction is beginning.

We chatted with a seasoned worker on site and he said that set-up will continue until hours before the start of Fashion Week. He told us that the tent set up will be the same (the Promenade, the Salon, the Tent and the Showroom), but kept emphasizing that this time around will be "more fancy" than years past due to the Lincoln Center setting. We're just as excited to see how this plays out and also how they'll put the band shell to use. Stay tuned for more set-up coverage leading up to the big week.

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Damrosch Park

Columbus Avenue and West 62nd Street, New York, NY