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The Last Days of Disco Hotpants

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Cintra Wilson explains why American Apparel's new cleaned-up prep thing isn't going to save the company. "Inappropriate though it may be, Charney's libidinous drive is also what made the brand so effective. American Apparel's print ads are so beguiling precisely because of the Terry Richardson­esque amateur-porn world they inhabit: a sleazy Utopia full of curvy, pouty art-school chicks with futon hair, bushy eyebrows, and none of the anorexia or dramatic pretensions (fear, love, unrequited love) seen in the usual fashion print ads....The American Apparel girl was never someone you'd want to take home for Thanksgiving, unless you were really mad at your mom. It seems unnatural to take away her vinyl short-shorts and put her in a sweater set." [The Cut]