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A Day of Shopping with the Millionaire Matchmaker's Stylist

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Welcome to Stylist Spotlight, a new feature in which Madison Avenue Spy's Lila Delilah follows a stylist on her quest to dress a celebrity client using all the resources New York has to offer.

Lauren Solomon is a stylist for several celebrities and reality stars who also does designers' look-books, editorial work, and personal shopping. Lauren's style is boho chic and her personal motto is unquestionably more is more. She explains that styling is somewhat like dressing a child. "Sometimes you have to fight the battle for good style and other days you just have to turn your head," she says. In desperate situations, she has resorted to organizing a client's closet so that the most questionable fashion is hidden away.

Today's mission: A consignment pull for The Millionaire Matchmaker's Patti Stanger, who needs clothing suitable to wear on the press tour for her show, red carpet pieces, and items to fill in her wardrobe, which was just closely "edited" (read: overhauled.) In a typical consignment pull, Lauren's client—in this case Patti—purchases all the items she likes and returns the ones that she doesn't. The best part? Stylists usually get their clients discounts ranging from 30% to 70% off.

116 Prince Street

Fragments is a hip downtown jewelry store with an wonderful assortment of creative costume and fine jewelry from dozens of different designers. Stylists love coming here because it's pretty much one-stop-shopping. If it's cool, new and edgy, it will be at Fragments.

11:00am: Lauren is searching for jewelry that will make a statement and look great on television. She is grabbing lots of jewel-tone necklaces, cuffs, earrings, bracelets and a couple of rings. Her favorite designer is clearly Rodrigo Otazu. "I'm obsessed," she says.

There's very little second-guessing or decision-making. "I'll take the earrings in gold and the big cuff on the right. Does that necklace come in a shorter length? No? I'll leave it for next time," she says. Lauren makes her way around the showroom that fast.

Gossip: The showroom manager asks about Patti ending her engagement. Lauren is quick to protect her client and brushes off the conversation with a swift but light, "It wasn't right." Conversation over.

Bounty: In 26 minutes, we have about eight bracelets, seven pairs of earrings, six necklaces and two rings.

Temperley London
453 Broome Street

Celebrities and mortals alike flock to Temperley London for their fabulous knits and for designer Alice Temperley's take on British rock with a ladylike twist. The designs are great for women of any age and stand the test of time and trend.

12:13pm: Lauren is searching for cocktail dresses, red carpet pieces, and a few items to fill in Patti's wardrobe. Lauren is now trying on a motorcycle jacket with rivets. "Patti is going to love this!" she exclaims.

We now have two motorcycle jackets and a dress with gold-spike like embellishments. Are you spotting a pattern here?

Gossip: The showroom manager and Lauren talk about tee shirts. The showroom manger boasts that hers are from Topshop. She asserts, "I never buy expensive tees." We all nod in agreement.

Bounty: In 35 minutes we have one blouse, two motorcycle jackets and seven dresses.

Nicole Miller
780 Madison Avenue

The small Madison Avenue boutique has a nice assortment of womanly designs ranging from cocktail dresses, to jeans, to work suits.

3:00pm: Lauren is looking for basic, well cut, body flattering styles. Nicole Miller is Patti's favorite designer. After a brief investigation we can see why. The clothes and fabric are designed to hug and smooth all the key areas. What girl doesn't need that?

Gossip: The sales woman is less than warm and doesn't want the clothing out of the store over the weekend. Patti isn't scheduled to try her new clothes until Saturday night and Sunday. There's lots of negotiating. Finally, a deal is struck! The Nicole Miller store will messenger all of the merchandise that's still in stock on Saturday night. Lauren will return everything Patti isn't going to keep on Sunday, after the fitting. But suddenly we have a snag: There is no messenger available on Saturday. Lauren's intern to the rescue!

Bounty: In 12 minutes of shopping and 15 minutes negotiating, we pick out 10 pieces from Nicole Miller's fall collection.

After sorting through her bounty of beautiful things, Lauren styled three ideal outfits for Patti's appearance on The Today Show with Elle creative director Joe Zee. (That's her modeling them above.) Got a favorite? Let us know below.

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116 Prince Street, New York, NY