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The New Lafayette Outpost Isn't Your Everyday Duane Reade

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Over the weekend, the Shophound paid a visit to the new Duane Reade that opened in the former Parasuco space and he was duly impressed. The new flagship has retained the classic and historical fixtures, columns and moldings of the interior and even has fixtures custom designed to "seamlessly" fit in with the original designs.

Upon entering the ground floor, shoppers will be greeted with a "Sephora-like beauty department," which beats picked over and semi-trashed displays anyday. The pharmacy is located in the basement, which the Shophound surmises was the old bank vault. Here's to hoping that the beautiful location boosts the usual curmudgeonly pharmacists' attitudes.

To sum it up:

It's not often that the words "elegant" and "Duane Reade" come to mind at the same time, but the drug chain, a frequent local target for grumbling, has taken an appealing direction for its continuing makeover.
Hold on: That's not all in today's Duane Reade news. The Shophound also drops the bomb that another monster Duane Reade will be opening in the former Maurice Villency space on Third Avenue and 57th Street. This joins the other nugget announced today that the retailer also signed a 20-year lease for 23,000+ square feet of space in Trump's 40 Wall Street. Here's hoping for more elegant Duane Reades.
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Duane Reade

255 Lafayette Street, New York, NY