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Bright Lights, Big City: Target Takes Over the Standard Hotel

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Last night's kaleidoscopic light show at the Standard Hotel was exactly what we've come to expect from Target events. It was dramatic, it was extravagant, and it felt like it had been planned by people who'd thought long and hard about every single detail, with the possible exception of crowd control. Not that we're complaining—the Standard is always a bit of a shitshow, and all the jostling and chaos surrounding the event just made us feel more like we were in the middle of a bonding experience with dozens of strangers, which is exactly what public art is supposed to do.

The display took up the entire southern side of the hotel, making the High Line, the VIP party at the Standard Beer Garden, and the Brass Monkey all optimal viewing sites. Target set up bleachers for the public on Little West 12th Street, where a stage offered people a closer look at what the models were wearing. Away from the stage, it was nearly impossible to see the clothes, but they seemed almost besides the point. This wasn't really about showing the fall collection; it was about Target reminding all of us that it has the power and creativity to pull off a massive public spectacle. The shopping part? That could come later.
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The Standard Hotel

848 Washington Street, New York, NY 10014