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Barneys Warehouse Sale: First Word on Menswear

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Men: We'll be bringing you an exhaustive Barneys Warehouse Sale menswear report just as soon as humanly possible, but we thought you might appreciate a quick and dirty rundown first. We rolled right in just before 9am this morning—no line, no wait, not even at the bag check. Menswear is, as always, downstairs. You'll enter into a sea of suiting—Canali, Burberry, Theory, Hickey Freeman, Ralph Lauren. No surprises there. Our first stop is usually just past suiting, the accessory bins. As usual, almost nothing in terms of bags. Lots of crazy socks, a good amount of hats. Moving on.

Hang a right into the the next room and behold the shoes. We were a smidge disappointed. Significantly less than usual and very few sneakers; the racks were lined with a charming—if slightly bland—array of bucks, captoes, wingtips and saddle shoes. A majority were Barneys private label and priced around $200, but we spotted some Duckie Brown, Armani, Paul Smith, Jil Sander, etc.

Backtrack to jeans and casual pants. You'll notice that rather than the usual bin-lined walls, the tables are set up perpendicular to the walls, affording additional browsing space and lots of new little nooks for trying things on. Hey naked guy. Anyway, tons of Rag & Bone; and damn—who knew Nudie jeans were that expensive?

Behind all that are bins of knits which lead to the prime shirting. Note: There are about 600 million leather jackets by everyone from Andrew Marc to Michael Bastian, there on the left. Across the way—hey, there's a change—knits, polos and tees are on hangers. Swimwear is at the end. Everything else is shirting: Steven Alan, Paul Smith, Marc by Marc Jacobs. That corner on the right, outerwear as usual.

Then, circle back out to the suit room and check out the high end designer menswear packed away in the corner. There is so much Ralph Lauren Black Label; lots of Prada and Thom Browne and Paul Smith; some McQueen; 90% of the Marc Jacobs is Marc by Marc and should be in the next room; many, many Band of Outsiders suits (we can't believe they bought that many for the whole chain let alone have that many left at the sale). If you're looking for Lanvin, Balenciaga, Dries—there isn't much. And Patrik Ervell is filed under "Misc. Designer." Thom Browne's jackets for Moncler are way up by the cash registers because they cost seven trillion dollars and they don't want any grubby poors fondling them.

It's crowded but it's far from a mob and the staff is fresh and friendly—that'll probably change by Monday. There are lots of shirtless dudes. Rod Stewart is playing. We made one purchase and there was no wait whatsoever. So, let's be honest, there's something for everyone. Is it as amply stocked as some past, high-recession sales? Nope. Are prices only going to get better? Yes. Are you going to go? Obviously, it's practically why we all live here.
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