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The Best Kept Secret in the Barneys Home Sale: Cheap Stuff for Kids

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After battling our way through shoes, womenswear and menswear at the Barneys Warehouse Sale, we made our way to the oft-neglected, pretty random at times home section. First off, let's just say that there is no refuge in this sale. Even here in the comforting sounding home section, our feet were trampled by a boat-shoe–wearing shopper who did not even apologize. Second, the home section has been even further pushed to the nether regions of the sale—shoved into a corner near the men's suits.

Per usual, this is a great sale to stock up on random holiday décor, such as $5 Barney-branded Christmas tree ornaments and $12 Santas in multi-colored suits. There is also the usual selection of untouched coffee table books, like The Cultivated Life by Jean-Philippe Delhomme and The Selby is in Your Place by Todd Selby.

We made our way through the requisite still expensive DL & Co. candles ($95 for small ones and $197 for medium, really?!), Baccarat wine glasses ($44 from $145 each), martini glasses ($46 from $128 each) and Tourron quartz tea cups (better at $5 from $10 each). Tucked in a box on the shelf in the corner is a selection of ethnic woven leather goods like passport holders ($67 from $135), luggage tags ($37 from $75), and large billfolds ($97 from $195).

But then we noticed the fair amount of cheaper-than-Toys "R" Us children's items in the mix and realized we happened upon a gold mine! Like these adorable mini-rocking chairs (pink, blue and the gender-ambiguous white) for only $21 each, Skippyjon Jones (not sure who that is, but..) doll and book set for $4 and best of all a Sound of Music pop-up book for only $7. This is seriously an opportune time to stock up for those baby showers and niece and nephew visits, or maybe get something nice for that baby crawling around upstairs in the womenswear section. No one will know how little you spent—just say it's from Barneys!
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