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A Sale Other Than Barneys: DSW Underwhelms

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While crazed shoppers are elbowing their way through crowds at the Barneys Warehouse Sale, the DSW 50% off luxury sale event remains eerily quiet, and there is a reason for that. The poster boasts Marc by Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Sergio Rossi and Bottega Venetta but this sign lies—or at the very least is quite misleading. There were no Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes in sight, and only a few Sergio Rossi and Bottega Venetta styles nestled amongst the sea of crayon-colored Gucci shoes.

It's pretty apparent that the sale consists of items that were overstocked or just undersold, as there are about the same five styles in every size, and holy Skittles are they colorful! There were a ton of patent Gucci pumps for $250 in colors ranging from an understated gray to a neon green. The majority of the sale consisted of d'Orsay patent heels embossed with the Gucci symbol in a rainbow of hues, also $250. There were Gucci wedge sandals in white and a sparkly bronze for $250 and flat Gucci boots for $400. The best finds are generally in size 10 or size 7 where there are some super sexy Sergio Rossi platforms for $200 and Bottega Venetta hunter green booties for $300. These two designers were unfortunately under-represented at the sale.

Other accessories included Gucci cashmere throws for $399 and a table of monogrammed Gucci purses ranging from $439-$699. While there were some basic pumps for $200 from big labels like Gucci and Sergio Rossi, overall the merchandise is tired. This is definitely not the deranged Gucci madhouse of this time last year.—Rachel Traub
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