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Burberry Slams Variazioni With Lawsuit Over Selling Counterfeit Goods

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It's like the old adage says: fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, see you in court. Or, at least that's Burberry's version.

After finding counterfeit goods for sale at upscale boutique Variazioni last September, Burberry has caught the shops selling fakes yet again, and has hit the company with a $2 million dollar lawsuit.

Variazioni, which has three locations in New York and one in New Jersey, signed an agreement after their previous indiscretion that the fakes would be long gone from inside their store. Now, a year after putting almost 90 inauthentic items on their shelves, Burberry found impostor raincoats, jackets pants, and tops for sale with fake labels and tags.

There may be an explanation for all of Veriazioni's flawed merchandise, but being caught selling full-price fake designer goods twice? Just seems like two times too many to us.
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