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Lots of Goodies Left at Stella McCartney's Private Sale

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This afternoon, we stopped by the Stella McCartney friends-and-family sale on the fifth floor of the Flatotel in midtown. It was surprisingly easy to get it without giving our names, but note that they were checking names off a list. We think we were just lucky in entering with a crowd. If you do get into the sale, it's well worth it. Behind the doors guarded by a chicly dressed gatekeeper was a huge stock of accessories, shoes, dresses, and chunky sweaters.

Most price tags were around $1,000, but with discounts of up to 80 percent off the already 60 percent-discounted merchandise, dresses, tops, and bottoms dipped down near $200. Items with prices ending in a "5" are 80 percent off, and items with prices ending in a "9" were 50 percent off. As for the merchandise, there was a full room of shoes, one full of bags, and a main room full of clothes. We saw these platform sandals, these mesh shoes in neon, over-the-knee boots, and even the Birkenstock-inspired stiletto.

The main room was filled with racks of floral long-sleeved blouses, beautifully tailored skirts, shorts, wide-sleeved tops, embellished sweaters, racks full of Stella's well-known blazers, sequined jackets, a table full of T-shirts, and another table with only $50 jeans. Although smaller sizes in tops were sparse, the selection made up for it tremendously. There wasn't a lot of redundancy in stock at all. We saw this beautifully embellished T that was tagged at $239, meaning it's 50 percent off. Also in stock: Lots of satin dresses, cardigans and even coats! Stop by before the sale ends at 8pm if you want to dress like Kate Moss or one of Stella McCartney's many celeb followers for fall.—Joann Pan
· At Stella McCartney's Insider Sample Sale

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