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D'Agostino Plans to Feed the Hungry at the Barneys Warehouse Sale

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Finally, a food vendor has recognized that the hordes waiting on line outside the Barneys Warehouse Sale represent a perfect marketing opportunity. Sure, these are fashion people we're talking about, but even fashion people require food to live. Plus standing in the same place for hours thinking about spending money on discounted shoes can be surprisingly draining.

Luckily, the D'agostino on West 17th Street between Seventh and Eighth has finally decided to take advantage of the captive audience around the corner. Tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, employees from the store will be handing out cold drinks and free food to the crowds. They'll also be distributing the coupon above, meaning you'll have plenty of time to wonder if there's a person alive with a jaw capacity wide enough to actually take a bite out of that sandwich.
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Barneys Warehouse Sale

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Barneys Warehouse Sale

255 West 17th Street, New York NY 10011