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DSW Takes on Barneys with Gucci Sale This Thursday

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If this Thursday's Barneys Warehouse Sale doesn't already have your brain swirling as to how you'll fit three hours of shopping into a full work day, it's about to get more difficult. DSW will be launching a Designer Shoe Warehouse Luxury Event beginning August 19—on the same day as Barneys'—with up to 50% off of prices from $375 to $995.

OK, just breathe. If you're slipping into panic mode from realizing there are way too many shoes and too, too little time, it'll all be okay. Luckily, if you can't make it to the Union Square location because you spent your lunch break waiting in line to play with all of the Louboutins at Barneys' circus of discounted goods, DSW's discount event will also be online, so you can scoop up new pumps from anywhere.

There will be four different luxury designers at the sale—Gucci is one, and will have the shoes pictured above for sale—and if it's anything like their last surprise sale, it'll be pandemonium. Go early, grab what you can, and get yourself some cheap heels. Oh, and most importantly—good luck.
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