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Simon Doonan Designed Halloween Costumes for Target (Yes, Really)

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Target! Every time we think we're done with them, they pop up in the news yet again. Today's big story comes from WWD, which reports that Barneys creative director Simon Doonan has put together a collection of Halloween costumes for the megastore.

In classic Doonan style, the costumes all have words scribbled on them. The Glamour Ghost says "Trick or Trend" and "Chic or Treat," while the Diva Witch says "Fashion Fiend" and "Honk If I'm Fierce." Other looks include A-List Celebrity, Evil Paparazzi (with accompanying Petarazzi outfit), Pumpkin Punk Rocker, and the awesomely off-theme Meatballs (for men) and Spaghetti (for women.) "My costume this year? Yeah, I'm going as a plate of pasta designed by Simon Doonan. No big deal."

In other Target news, the chain just rejected the Human Rights Campaign's request that it donate money to pro–gay-rights candidates to balance out its recent support of anti-gay Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. Per Politico, Target says it supports "the gay and lesbian community" but didn't want to look like it was caving to political pressure. It's worth noting that Doonan, who's famously married to Jonathan Adler, agreed to the Target line last December, long before the current controversy surfaced.
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