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At Stella McCartney's Insider Sale: Huge Deals, Relaxed Door

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Image via <a href=";jsessionid=KSEWTAC2RP00MCQAAKRRADA?itemId=prod116020007&amp;ecid=NMALRFeedJ84DHJLQkR4&amp;ci_src=14110925&amp;ci_sku=V0H0Z">Nieman Marcus.</a> FYI, we don't know if the bag is t
Image via Nieman Marcus. FYI, we don't know if the bag is t

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We're pretty sure we're not supposed to know about the Stella McCartney friends and family sale currently taking place at the Flatotel in midtown, given that it wasn't listed anywhere online. But it's hard for giddy shoppers to stay mum when there are $50 jeans at stake. A tipster informs us that the sale is insane, with 80% off deals on runway clothes, sweaters, dresses, and—glory of glories—a room of nothing but shoes. Bags that started at $1300 are now $200, people. Before you rush over there, do note that there's a guest list, although our mole says the gatekeepers are "not vigilant." Just waltz in like you're supposed to be there, and hope a stampede doesn't blow your cover.

Update: The sale is on the fifth floor of the hotel, and we've just been told it will run until tomorrow night at 8pm.
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