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Rainbow's Typo; This Weekend's James Perse Sale Returns

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DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN—Maybe it's unfair to make fun of a mistake so common that we know we've done it ourselves. And maybe it's unfair to ask a store that sells $17 dresses to leave room in their ad budget for a copy editor. But right now, the Rainbow at the Fulton Mall is inviting us all to lug the top of a mountain "behind the scenes." [The Doree Chronicles]

SOHO—Three good reasons to stop by the James Perse sample sale, starting this Thursday: 1) You missed round one of the sale, which took place over the weekend in the Chelsea Market. 2) You're sick of Barneys Warehouse Sale hype but still want to shop. 3) You're looking for soft, well-made basics for under $50. Check out Mizhattan's review of the weekend's sale for a sense of what to expect. [Fashion Prospectress, Mizhattan]


493 Fulton Street, New York, NY