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Brooklyn Wants An Apple Store So Badly They've Created Their Own

Image via Studio Amd
Image via Studio Amd

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Sure, the lines can be pretty brutal at the 5th Avenue flagship, but Brooklyn officials want an Apple to call their own so badly that they've taken to creating it themselves.

While Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz is no stranger to near-begging, his office has made their own mock ups for what a shiny new shop could look like in the Downtown Brooklyn's Municipal Building. They may be pushovers, but they're doing it for a reason—the city could stand to make $20 million by selling retail space in the building on Joralemon and Court Streets. And, since big-time broker Robert Greenstone has affirmed that it's happening and he knows where it'll be, some last-minute persuasion could be valuable. Very valuable.

Still, Steve Jobs doesn't seem like the type of guy to turn a not-so-casual suggestion into a reality, but who knows—maybe it's just the hundreds of tiny people dotting the street, but their rendering does look pretty good, even without any of Apple's whimsical architecture.
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Municipal Building

210 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn NY