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Be Prepared to Sweat at the Project No. 8 Sale

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It's pleasant and cool outside, but it's crowded and sweltering inside the box of a Project No. 8 sale today. Seconds after the noon opening, hipsters of the female persuasion (and a few gents) swarmed in to partake in 40% to 90% off past season designer womenswear and shoes. Eager shoppers were in-it-to-win-it and they were workin' hard for those deals.

Since its the end-of-season sale, there are lots of one-of-each-item situations and the sizes are all random. Here's a sampling of what you'll find on the racks: Communn button down shirts in silvery grey silk and black or white cotton silk for $35, an A Detacher wrinkled leather hooped sleeve vest (size 8) for $125 and Kostas Murkudis navy belted jackets for $40.

There is also a bunch of Maison Margiela: strapless jumpsuits in black and taupe for $125, floral tanks for $95 and light washed denim blazers for $150. Nearby, there are Boudicca patterned sleeveless wrap dresses for $375 (originally $1575) and sleeveless graphic tees for $45, plus Bless chambray shopper tops with draped fabric buttoned on one shoulder for $45 and Hope drop crotch khakis for $60.

Shoppers were also rummaging through thee cardboard boxes on the floor marked under $25, $50, $100 and $125. The chaos and clutter of the items in the bins may be an obstacle for the undetermined, but plenty of shoppers were fighting their way through for hidden finds like: a sheer white Communn wrap for $25, Stephen Schneider leggings also for $25, VPL two-toned champagne grandma panties for $50 and a black and white graffiti tote for $45.

The shoes were surprisingly unmolested on the opposite side of the sale (although we did see one girl clutching a pair of $125 tall white Margiela boots like it was her firstborn child). There is mostly Margiela: Pumps for $100, plus 40's inspired open toed dance shoes, dusty black ankle boots, pointy-toed grey suede and leather booties and tall boots in white and green for $125. We also liked the green/grey Replica pumps for $125 and Hope by Ringstrand Söderberg boots for $100. Sizes are also random, but we saw mostly 38 and up.

There is only one private fitting room, so be prepared to wait. There is a single mirror on the floor to fight your way in front of, but most shoppers were opting for the comfort of an enclosed room. They will be replenishing later with whatever is left in their stockroom (their words, not ours) and cash and credit are both accepted. This effort of a sale is definitely for Project No. 8 fans-only. So if you're one of those who still haven't really gotten the store, today is not the day to start trying.
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