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At No. 8b: Pillaged Shoes, Fall Deals, Stronger Air-Con

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After sweating it out at the womenswear Project No. 8 sale, we strolled on over to check out the men's sale at brother store No. 8b, also offering 40% to 90% off menswear and shoes.

First off, forget the shoes. They've been completely ravaged—who knew that the guys would be more shoe crazy than the ladies over at the sister sale. In case you want to try your luck, the shoes are priced between $50 and $125. There were a couple of the suede Margiela's left at around 1pm, but they probably didn't last long.

Looking through the racks and piles, we saw a lot of fall-focused wear, so this is a great opportunity to pick up some upcoming seasonal deals. There are the Various Projects made for the Ace Hotel Mackintosh raincoats for $295 (originally $775 and in grey, black and light grey) and wool coats for $375 (from $912). Shoppers were also going crazy for the suit deals. There were a few lightweight Kostas Murkudis 3-button suits for $100 (from $1400) and lots of sharp fall-weight wool suits (pin stripes, grey, black, etc.) are marked down to $550. We also noted a couple interesting takes on the blazer: A Zero + Maria Cornejo blue sweatshirt version for $110 (from $570) and an Aspesi windbreaker material one for $95. There were also puffy Salvor vests with contrasting strip patterns for $50, Stone Island weather-proof field jackets with hidden hoods for $200 (from $821) and Hope button downs for $50.

Below the racks, there are bargain bins full of random items. Looking through a couple, we unearthed Stephan Schneider cashmere sweaters for $40, a soft grey Hope tee for $5 and Hope grey summer-weight sweater for $15.

Sizes are completely random and there are a lot of one-off items on the racks. There are dressing rooms for fitting and the gentleman were politely lining up for their turn. Cash and credit are accepted. The staffers were not sure if they would be replenishing, so stop by soon before the suits go the way of the shoes.
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No. 8b

38 Orchard Street, New York, NY