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Bergdorf's Fuzzy, Floppy-Eared Bed Bug Prevention Plan

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Some things are too good to be true, and this definitely takes the entire mind-blowingly adorable cake. In an effort to protect themselves from bed bug outbreaks that brought down stores like Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch, Bergdorf Goodman has employed the cutest prevention solution in the universe: bedbug-sniffing beagles!

The adorable team of adorable dogs have been shuffling through the women's and men's stores, sticking their adorable little noses into nooks and crannies of the floors to assure customers that the only little critters in the shop are themselves.

There are also pest control implemented in parent company Neiman Marcus Group's distribution centers, but that's not as cute so we don't really care. Beagles!!! — Carlye Wisel
· Beagle Bug Brigade [WWD]

Bergdorf Goodman

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Bergdorf Goodman

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