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The New UWS Urban Outfitters Sells "Douchebag" Pint Glasses

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The new "ironic" Urban Outfitters on Broadway and 99th street is actually quite pleasant inside. As we've seen already, there really isn't anything ironic about the storefront or the store at all. (We're pretty sure that creative director is really kicking him or herself for using that word at this point, and we're thinking about retiring it, too.) It's pretty much just a regular Urban Outfitters with mixed-font signage, except that there's a full housewares section, a pretty fancy looking loft-level fitting area and a ping pong table downstairs. Plus, on a rainy opening day morning, it was kind of comforting to see pristine new displays that have not yet been molested by hipsters in training.

The main ground floor level is home to womenswear, some books, and accessories. The usual suspects are all here: Floral rompers, a denim display, BDG t-shirts, and the rest of the fall gear. Suspended above the main floor is the dressing room loft level which holds 15 rooms. We have to admit that the area is really nice with a mix of geometric shapes on the doors (parallel lines, uneven squares, classic molding and plain), plus the new rooms smell of freshly cut pine.

The basement level houses the expanded housewares section, menswear, shoes, and the sale area (designated by the word "sale" cut multiple times into plywood). People were playing on the ping pong table near the foot of the stairs, too. The housewares section is definitely aimed at the college students living to the north and the fresh-out-of-the-frat-house young professionals populating the area. Tell-tale items on sale include: a variety of sizes of faux-original canvas "paintings" priced between $28 and $78 (cliché Klimt poster, you've got competition), the aforementioned "Douchebag" pint glasses, a 12-pack of shot glasses, and a beer cookbook ($9.98). This foldover cutting board and guitar-shaped spatula were kind of genius though. And in case anyone was wondering, there are patterned tanks on sale for $19.99 and floral dresses for $29.99.

There has been much speculation on how well yet another Urban outpost will fare on the upper upper West side. Forty-five minutes into opening on a miserably rainy morning, there was a fairly diverse crowd of people (teens, moms with strollers, senior citizens and tourists) shopping. There are a few fancy residential buildings within a four block radius and the Gourmet Garage (a sure harbinger of change) near 96th was buzzing, so we shall see. Of course haters will always hate because because 1) it's Urban Outfitters and 2) it's the Upper West Side, but they'll probably still secretly shop there for cheap tank tops and leggings anyway.
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