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Menswear Galore at the Archetype Sample Sale in Noho

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The Archetype Showroom sale is great if your man always bolts for the nearest chair in a clothing store or complains that he's bored during your shopping expeditions. The menswear section is full of patterned button-downs, cozy grandpa sweaters and comfy t-shirts, while the woman's section of the sample sale is pretty picked over.

Since there isn't that much stock for the females—Archetype's big sale was in May—what is left has been really reduced with everything under $50. The three womanswear racks are mostly LnA, YMC and April 77 t-shirts, now for $20. There are some charming April 77 and YMC light weight button downs and a few pairs of wool pants ($40), jackets ($45) and structure skirts ($35). Quail has a few funky party pieces such as silk tops for $30 and a sparkly jacket for $45. The real steal at the sale are the shelves of $25 jeans, but the styles are sometimes questionable (zebra jeans, anyone?) and sizing limited.

The menswear section had a ton of summer and winter stock, a lot of which could potentially be unisex, such as the sweater vests and flannels. But ladies, if you aren't into the androgynous look, it might be you checking the clock on the couch.—Rachel Traub
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Archetype Showroom

676 Broadway, New York, NY